served with one complementary side dish
please choose from the list below

Seabass with Prawns  gf  £16.50
baked fillet of seabass with peeled baby prawns in a sauce of white wine with cream
& dill served with buttered new potatoes

Lamb with Shiraz & Potato Quenelles  gf  £17.00
shoulder of English lamb slow roasted with fruity shiraz & balsamic, spears of rosemary,
tomato & baby onions, served in a sauce from the lamb juices & roasting liquour
with toasted potato & leek quenelles

Seafood Casserole gf**  £18.00
market fish, peeled tiger prawns & King scallop in a sauce of tomato, white wine, fresh basil, a little crushed garlic & red chilli, with chunky garlic toast
(gf** gluten free garlic toast is available on request)

Duck with Leeks & Bacon  gf   £17.00
roasted breast of duck (pink or cooked through) with sauteed rings of leek & smoked bacon
lardons, served with blackberry & red wine sauce

Root Vegetable Curry with Jewelled Rice  vg  (V)  gf   £14.00
sweet potato, celeriac, parsnip & swede with baby spinach in a sauce of tomato, turmeric
& red chilli, root ginger & garlic with brown basmati with raisins, pistachio & pomegranate

Chicken with Mushroom & Bacon Fricasée  gf   £15.50
breast of chicken, roasted & served with a rich sauce of sautéed chestnut mushrooms, dice of shallot & smoked bacon lardons, finished with white wine, cream & chives

Lentil & Mushroom Cottage Pie with Red Cabbage  vg  (V)  gf   £14.00
puy lentils & chestnut mushrooms with dice of carrot, shallot & celery, red wine, rosemary
& thyme topped with sweet potato mash, served with red wine gravy

& balsamic & chilli pickled red cabbage

7oz Fillet Steak  gf**   £25.00
char-grilled & served with hand-cut chips & cracked black & soft green peppercorn sauce
(gf**  gluten free hand-cut chips available on request)

Side Dishes  £2.75

                Hand-cut Chips          vg   (V)           Seasonal Vegetables         vg  (V)
                Garden Peas               vg   (V)           Sweet Potato Fries           vg  (V)
                Dressed Salad           vg   (V)           Dauphinoise Potatoes             (V)
                French Fries              vg   (V)           Buttered New Potatoes         (V)
                Onion Rings                vg   (V)           Wilted Baby Spinach        vg  (V)



gf = gluten free
vg = vegan
(V) = vegetarian

dishes marked gf** are available gluten free on request