A la Carte Menu
Wednesday to Saturday
complementary freshly baked bread

& with your Main Course,

two side dishes from the list below


Fennel & Celery Soup   vg   (V)   gf   £5.25
a smooth soup of fennel & celery saut
éed with a little shallot & thyme, drizzled with purée of sun-dried tomato & sprinkled with gremolata of pistachio, basil & lemon 

Plaice Goujons with Tartare   £6.25
fingers of plaice crisp-fried in fine breadcrumbs & served with a tartare sauce of our own mayonnaise with capers, cornichon, spring onion & a little English mustard

Confit Duck Leg Salad   gf   £6.50
warm shreds of roasted duck leg with rocket & watercress dressed with orange & honey,  a soft poached duck egg &
purée of spring onion

Falafel with Mango   vg   (V)   gf   £6.25
falafel of courgette, red onion & crushed garlic with flavours of cumin & paprika, lemon & parsley, served with a dice of fresh mango, red pepper, green chilli & coriander

Smoked Salmon with Crab & Avocado   gf   £7.95
platter of leaves of Scottish smoked salmon with quenelles of dressed crabmeat tartare &
purée of avocado, garnished with cucumber, rocket & dill & drizzled with lemon infused virgin olive oil

Ham & Chicken Terrine   £6.25
ham hock & breast of corn-fed chicken wrapped in smoked bacon with pickled cucumber,
purée of spiced cherry tomato chutney & toast
(gluten free toast is available on request)

Tiger Prawns with Red Wine Mayonnaise   £7.50
peeled tiger prawns crisp-fried in beer batter presented on a bed of baby watercress with sun-dried tomato & red wine mayonnaise & drizzles of sweet chilli sauce

Sweet Potato with Goat's Cheese   (V)   gf   £6.25
warm salad of honey & thyme roasted sweet potato, rocket leaves, toasted pine-nuts & sweet
English strawberries served with
"brûléed" goat's cheese

Lamb & Feta Meatballs   gf   £6.25
ground shoulder of lamb with feta & oregano, slow roasted & served in a sauce of tomato with red wine, a little crushed garlic & basil

Scallops with Smoked Bacon & Strawberries   gf   £8.95
seared King scallops with dice of crisp-fried smoked bacon, macerated English strawberries
& basil pistou drizzles

Main Courses

Seafood Casserole   gf   £18.95
of market fish with King scallops & peeled tiger prawns in a sauce of tomato with white wine, a little crushed garlic & fresh basil

Spring Lamb with Roasted Roots   gf   £17.95
shoulder of English lamb slow roasted with carrots & turnip, spears of rosemary & lemon, finished for the final hour in red wine & served with a gravy from the lamb juices & roasting liquour

Aubergine & Quinoa Coulibiac   vg   (V)   £15.50

dice of aubergine roasted with olive oil & a dusting of smoked paprika, with red & white quinoa, sautéed Summer greens & toasted nuts, baked in puff pastry & served with a warm red pepper sauce

Fillet of Seabass au Pistou   gf   £18.50
served on a consommé of broad beans, dice of courgette & tomato & peas, flavoured with a splash of dry white wine, stirred through with a basil & pine-nut pistou & garnished with fine gratings of gruyère

Chicken with Chorizo, Rice & Peas   gf   £15.95
roasted breast of corn-fed chicken with
sautéed chrorizo, rice & peas braised in white wine with fine dice of shallot & stirred through with fine gratings of Parmesan

Duo of Duck with Blackberries   gf   £19.50
roasted breast of duck (pink or cooked through) with crisp-fried croquette of shredded duck & sweet potato flavoured with a little shallot & cayenne pepper & a sauce of blackberries & port wine

Hake with Smoked Salmon Orzo   £17.95

fillet of hake baked & served with smoked salmon & orzo pasta, with artichoke, capers & peas, flavours of saffron & lemon & fresh basil & parsley

Tomato & Sweet Potato "Pie"   vg   (V)   gf   £14.50
tomatoes slow roasted with crushed garlic & balsamic layered with baby spinach & caramelised red onion, topped with sweet potato & cumin mash & baked with drizzles of basil pistou

Fillet au Poivre   £21.95
char-grilled 7oz fillet steak with melting chive butter, crisp fried onion rings & roasted cherry tomatoes, with cracked black & soft green peppercorns, brandy & cream sauce (served on the side)

To complement your main course please choose two side dishes:
French Fries          Dauphinoise Potatoes          Hand-cut Chips
Toasted Potato Mash Quenelles
Seasonal Vegetables          Dressed Salad


Peach & Almond Clafoutis   (V)   gf   £5.50
honey roasted peaches in a baked almond custard served lightly chilled in a puddle of peach coulis
with toasted flaked almonds

Chocolate Torte with Chambord & Raspberries   (V)   gf   £5.50
baked with crushed, toasted hazelnuts & Chambord black raspberry liqueur & served with raspberry sorbet & macerated raspberries

Strawberry Cheesecake   (V)   gf   £5.50
buttery, crumbed biscuits topped with mascarpone & lemon cream with English strawberries, strawberry pur
ée, balsamic, crushed pistachio & micro basil

Crème Brûlée   (V)   gf   £5.50
rich, soft vanilla custard topped with a layer of
caramel & served with berry compôte & crumbly shortbread biscuit

Ice-Cream Sundae   (V)   gf   £5.50
of dairy vanilla & fruit ice-creams & fruit sorbets drizzled with red berry coulis
& garnished with crushed candied nuts

Petit Dessert   (V)   gf   £3.95
dairy vanilla ice-cream poured over with Mozart dark chocolate liqueur
& dusted with crushed almond praline

Chocolate Truffles  (V)   gf   £3.00 
share - or keep all to yourself - four of our own dark chocolate & brandy truffles
covered in crisp chocolate

Cheeseboard   £7.50

Harrogate Blue, Yorkshire Mature Cheddar & crumbly Lancashire served with boozy fruit cake, cheese biscuits & red onion marmalade

(V) = vegetarian     gf = gluten free     vg = vegan