Apple Crumble with Ice-cream   vg**  (V)  gf   £6.00
Bramley apples topped with oat, pecan nut, cinnamon & muscovado sugar crumble
served warm with vanilla ice-cream
(vg** for vegan diners, substitute vegan vanilla ice-cream)
Crème Brûlée   (V)   gf   £5.50
baked egg custard topped with a layer of brown sugar caramel
& served with
a brandy snap

Chocolate Dream Cake with Black Cherries   (V)  gf   £6.00
light chocolate sponge, dark chocolate & cream ganache,
black cherry sauce &
crème fraîche
Lemon Meringue Pudding with Chocolate Florentine   (V)  gf   £6.00

sweet lemon cream topped with soft Italian meringue, baked & served warm with
a chocolate Florentine finger biscuit

Poached Pear with Crème Anglaise   vg**  (V)  gf   £6.00
whole pear poached in port wine & served glazed with the port syrup in a pool of
crème Anglaise with toasted flaked almonds
(vg** for vegan diners substitute vegan vanilla ice-cream for the
crème Anglaise)

Petit Dessert   vg**  (V)  gf   £4.00
dairy vanilla ice-cream, with Mozart dark chocolate liqueur
& crushed almond praline
(vg** for vegan diners substitute vegan vanilla ice-cream & Tia Maria, Cointreau or Limoncello)
Cheeseboard   (V)   £7.00
Harrogate Blue, Yorkshire Mature  & St Endellion Brie
with cheese biscuits & chutney